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Maxus e Deliver 3 in York North Yorkshire

With a 100% electric powertrain and Rapid Charging capability, the Maxus e Deliver 3 is capable of slashing your fleet emissions overnight.

The e Deliver 3 is powered by either a 35 kWh battery or 52.5 kWh battery. This powers a 90kW electric motor which drives the front wheels. The WLTP range for the smaller battery is 110 miles, increasing to 198 miles with the bigger battery.

In addition to two battery choices, the e Deliver 3 is also available in two wheelbase lengths and you can spec either battery to either wheelbase. The cargo volume in the SWB model is 4.8 m3, increasing to a generous 6.3 m3 in the LWB model.


The e Deliver has a shorter bonnet than a diesel van, making it more manoeuvrable. Other than the blue front grille, there’s nothing to give away the fact it’s electric. The cabin is also a great place to spend time, with space for 2 people.


The e Deliver 3 delivers instant performance. With no gears, progress is refined and swift. Charging from 10% to 80% at a 50kW charging station takes 45 minutes, or if you plug into a normal AC station, a 100% charge takes 6 to 8 hours.


The LWB model has a payload capacity of 990 to 1,020kg while the SWB model has a payload capacity of 865kg to 905kg. The cargo space stays the same across both batteries, coming in at 4.8 m3 (SWB) and 6.3 m3 (LWB).

Living with it

Standard kit includes an 8” touchscreen with Apple CarPlay & Android Auto, reverse parking sensors, a reversing camera, electric windows and air conditioning. With so many useful features, going electric has never been easier.